Dairy free, Nut free, Gluten free, Artisanal Vegan Cheeses

Handcrafted with a base of organic soy milk and organic coconut oil

Made in Ontario in small batches

By far the most delicious cheese I've ever had. Black Italian Truffle is AMAZING.


This is the best vegan cheese and NOTHING comes close! I have had to change my diet due to food sensitivities and sadly dairy is what needed to be cut. I love cheese so trying to find a substitute that tasted like cheese was impossible. With a lot of money and "cheese" in the trash I simply had no hope...until now! Your cheese is simply amazing. My brain is just spinning with endless recipes and this makes a foodie like me so happy. Thank you so much for working so hard to achieve such an epic product. 


My life of vegan cheese has changed FOREVER!!


This is the best cheese! Tastes just like mozzarella. It even tricked my boyfriend! I like to freeze it then grate it over pasta. 


Holy is amazing! And I can eat it! #lactoseintolerant #ilovecheese


All of the @vegcheese samples I tried were AAAAMAZING but that garlic & herb I have no words. This is an absolute must-try for all vegans. You can thank me later. 


Some sort of sorcery is used in the making of VEGCHEESE because it is beautifully mild and absolutely delicious. I can't recommend this product enough! Thank you to the gods for this stuff. It is the game changer the vegan cheese market has been begging for. 


This is an unbelievable line of cheeses. I love their texture, taste and consistency. The fact that they contain no preservatives makes VEGCHEESE totally unique. I have not seen any other product like it on the market. I congratulate and commend the ownership. A BIG "Thank You" for making this happen and for availing this product to the health conscious yet demanding consumer.


I found this wonderful gem at the KW Vegfest yesterday. Omg. It is amazing. We brought home all flavours. Amazing taste texture everything. Sooo hope they sell in Kitchener soon as I am sure we will run out quickly.