VEGCHEESE was born out of our need to live healthily, kindly and intentionally without sacrificing our taste buds. Our goal was to create an artisanal vegan cheese line without nuts and gluten to ensure that those with allergies or intolerances can still enjoy dairy-free cheese. We think we've accomplished this!

When our dad had a stroke a few years back, our tight-knit family reconsidered what we were eating. We researched heavily on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and soon after stopped consuming animal products. Our research also opened our eyes on the cruelty of factory farming and the detrimental effects it had on our environment. We knew too much to not make this important switch in our lifestyle. But gosh, we loved our cheese! Thus began our search for the perfect non-dairy cheese on the market. But our hunt came up short so I (Lori) decided to start experimenting in my condo find a recipe that would satisfy our palates, melt beautifully in dishes and also hold its own on a cheese board. At the time, I was working full-time in Marketing in the corporate world. On evenings and weekends, I made batch after batch of vegan cheese. After many failed attempts, I finally landed on a recipe that made my family and I no longer miss the real thing. When friends and family wanted to purchase this new creation from me, I knew I had to step up and make these products available to everyone! 

A brainstorming session with my family led to the name VEGCHEESE, my brother's idea. We are now more than 3 years into our journey and couldn't be more grateful to be working side-by-side with my family, including our dad, building our small business towards a big vision. 

If we can’t feed it to our family, we will not feed it to our customers. We will always stand behind the quality of what we’re creating. We produce all of our cheeses in small batches in Ontario, Canada and with lots (and lots) of love!